Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Farmers Strike a Chord with #DitchTheRule Song, Video

WASHINGTON– A farm family, a Disney tune, an EPA reg and a handheld camera: Who says life’s slow in the country?
Life is anything but boring for Andy and Kacey Clay and their family, who energetically break into song, telling the Environmental Protection Agency to ditch its recently proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule in “That’s Enough,” a parody video that draws on the song “Let it Go” from the popular animated movie “Frozen.”

The Clay family of Missouri and other Farm Bureau families around the nation are working to draw attention to the proposed EPA rule, charging that it is rife with errors, lacks transparency and would greatly expand strict control over private land that was previously unregulated by the federal government.
“There’s no water flowing, but the government doesn’t care,” sings Kacey Clay, while her family “navigates” a dry ditch on their farm in a canoe.
Farm Bureau formally launched its #DitchTheRule campaign at the end of April, asking its members to resist the proposed EPA water rule, which will impose unworkable regulations on the nation’s farms.
Follow the social media hashtag #DitchTheRule and visit the Ditch the Rule website (ditchtherule.fb.org) to learn more.

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