Monday, June 9, 2014

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BOISE – The water supply outlook for Snake River irrigators looks adequate according to the June Water Supply Outlook Report just released by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. However, there will be shortages for irrigators in central and southern Idaho. 

Most of May’s moisture came early and the area that needed it most – Central Idaho’s Big Wood, Little Wood and Big Lost basins – recorded a fraction of their normal May amounts.

“The lack of snow and spring rains in the mid-elevations resulted in limited runoff and soil that is already drying out,” said Ron Abramovich, Water Supply Specialist with the Idaho Natural Resources Conservation Service. “Additional moisture during the spring snowmelt season would have benefited dryland farmers.”

North Idaho received below average precipitation as well but with the above normal snowpack this winter, streamflow forecasts are at or above normal,” said Abramovich.  “The flows will provide excellent whitewater rafting opportunities.” 

Reservoir operators in southern Idaho are in the process of completing final fill while other reservoirs have peaked and are being drafted. Magic, Mackay and Salmon Falls Reservoirs are likely to run out of irrigation water in July. The natural lakes and reservoirs elsewhere in the state will fill or come close to filling and should provide adequate irrigation supplies. Carryover storage for next year will depend on summer temperatures and precipitation that affect irrigation water demand.

For information on specific basins, streams and reservoirs, view the full report online at June Water Supply Outlook Report.

The June Water Supply Outlook Report is the final report of the 2014 season.

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