Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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The Farm Lobby--Idaho Farmers Lobby Idaho Legislature

(Boise) The buffet tables were stuffed with roast beef and ham at Boise’s Riverside Hotel. There were just a few empty chairs while more than 200 sat down to dinner. The Idaho Farm Bureau’s ‘strolling buffet’ is an annual event; where farmers have the chance to dine with their lawmakers.

Each table at the event had an assigned legislative district number, Farm Bureau members dined with their lawmakers and had the chance to discuss issues that concerned them, everything from taxes to ownership of federal land.

Lawmakers had the chance to check in with constituents back home. "Its good to know the lawmakers and know what bills are presented and we give them good feedback from back home," said one farmer.

“There’s no better way to test the political winds,” said Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley of Franklin. “They need us as much as we need them; it’s their political livelihood and ours too. This is fun but its serious too.”

There are no speeches at the ‘strolling buffet’, no introductions, just a handshake and a smile at the door. The event is unique because it’s social dinner with a dash of political gravy and there’s an effort leave pressure politics back at the Statehouse.

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