Monday, February 9, 2015

Women's Leadership Committee's Speech Contest

Challis Student Wins Women's Leadership Committee Speech Contest
Boise--Dale R. Parkinson of Challis won the Women's Leadership Committee Speech Contest. The event is sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Committee.
"I grew up on a potato farm, lived there my whole life. I did a speech last fall and the county President begged me to do the speech contest. I knew a lot already about Idaho Agriculture, but I got on the internet and learned even more, I like to learn. I love humor and try to work it into my speeches and everything worked out," said Parkinson. 
Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little welcomed the 7 contestants to the West Wing of the Senate. He emphasized the importance of communication in agriculture and urged students to not only farm, but to tell the world about their farming operations.
Parkinson's speech immediately captured the Statehouse Audience by addressing the economic importance of Idaho agriculture. He said through technological change, yields are larger and a new generation is finding out that Ag is high-tech. "My Grandfather got 45 bushel of wheat  an acre, this past year my Dad got 150 bushels this summer, "change is good," he adds.
“Its Fertilizer, good irrigation and best management properties, one day we could get 350 bushels and acre, for me Agriculture is high tech," added Parkinson.
Parkinson won $150, he'll use the money for his college fund. All the contestants went on a special guided tour of the Idaho Statehouse.

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