Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Irrigation Water Deliveries Begin About April 7th
For Pioneer Irrigation District Customers

Nampa--Irrigation water is scheduled to begin flowing in Pioneer Irrigation District canals on April 1st, but District water managers say abnormally high temperatures and a quickly diminishing winter snow pack means the weather over the next several months will help determine whether or not Pioneer will have to make reductions in deliveries later on in the season.

Pioneer has water rights to approximately 61,000 acre feet of storage water in the Boise River reservoirs system of which around 24,600 acre feet of water was carried over from the 2014 irrigation season.  “Spring rains would really help by delaying demands on the system, but ultimately we are going to have to rely on our patrons to be as conservative as possible in their water use to help make our storage water last as long as possible,” said Pioneer Superintendent Mark Zirschky.

“At this point, just how the irrigation water supply situation unfolds largely depends on Mother Nature,” Mark added. The District plans to provide the latest water supply information on its internet web site: www.pioneerirrigation.com.

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