Friday, May 8, 2015

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SRBA, National Water Rights publications merge

CARLTON, Oregon - Two long-running publications centering on water rights, the National Water Rights Digest and the Snake River Basin Adjudication Digest, have merged.

They will run under the flag of the National Water Rights Digest, which has been published by Ridenbaugh Press since January 1994. The SRBA Digest has been published by Ridenbaugh since March 1993.

The launch of the SRBA Digest was prompted by the Snake River Basin Adjudication in Idaho, the largest basin-wide water adjudication in the country. When the final decree in that case was signed in August 2014, work in the case began to wind down.

The National Water Rights Digest is the only national periodical specifically covering water rights developments in the 50 states; it includes some reviews of activity internationally as well.

"Water rights activity around the United States and around the world has been increasing rapidly, especially in the last decades," said editor and publisher Randy Stapilus, who has produced the publications since their beginning. "When we began the National, water resources/rights agencies weren't even a blip on the state government screen. Today many of those same states are mired in interstate water rights litigations, struggling to create interstate compacts, and phrases such as 'aquifer recharge' are being heard in daily conversations."

The National Water Rights Digest provides water rights professionals with a monthly overview of activities throughout the U.S., giving them ideas and connections with other state agencies and professionals.

In recognition of the merger, Ridenbaugh Press is offering a special subscription package: an annual subscription to the National Water Rights Digest; a copy of the book "Water Wars" about water rights in the 50 states; a copy of the book "Upstream" about the SRBA, acclaimed by Idaho's chief justice as his first reference on the case when he served as the adjudication's presiding judge; and a digital archive of the National digests - more than 20 years of archival reports, more than 200 issues. The Digest is not available on other reference database sites. Total price for the package: $99. That package will be available only through the end of June, and is not expected to be repeated.

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