Friday, June 12, 2015

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Ada County Farm Bureau President Don Sonke accepts a warm thank you from Diane Davis Mykelgard at the celebration of the new Ag Pavilion at Boise's Julie Davis Park. 

Ada County Farm Bureau Celebrates Completion of JD Park Ag Pavilion

Boise-Ada County President Don Sonke along with Farm Bureau Board members met with Park officials to celebrate the completion of the $400,000 Ag Pavilion at Julia Davis Park in downtown Boise.

“I just wanted to get all the board members and everyone together for just a social gathering to celebrate the finishing of the Ag Pavilion in the Julia Davis Park. That said, it's not completely finished, we have a couple of things to complete but we’re almost done,” said Sonke. 

The pavilion includes a beautiful sandstone structure that depict the basics and historical timeline of farming and ranching Idaho. It includes sandstone blocks for each of Idaho's 44 counties, with a farm-related fact inscribed on each.

For example, one block tells people that all 44 counties in Idaho raise cattle, another that Idaho's cherry harvest starts in late June and another that only Russet potatoes grown in Idaho can be called Idaho potatoes. Other blocks inform people that a milk cow can produce 46,000 glasses of milk each year and that 12 bees must collect nectar from 2,000 flowers to produce one tablespoon of honey.

“We took on this project seven years ago,” said Sonke. “Diane Davis and the Parks Department offered us the chance to be the primary sponsor of the Ag Pavilion Center in Julie Davis Park. They’re going to have several centers in the park. For instance theres a pavilion for cancer survivors, they're building a grand plaza at the entrance and we have a very choice spot because anyone entering the grand plaza has to pass our Pavilion.”

Ada County Farm Bureau donated $100,000 and Idaho Agriculture groups donated more than $300,000 to showcase the industry that built Idaho.

“This pavilion will be here forever and I wanted the new County board members to feel a part of this. To take pride in what we done and be a part of something thats here forever. I think everyone is really happy with it,” said Sonke.

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