Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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Feeder hay prices down
Emmett--Feeder hay is fetching $130-to $150 in the Treasure Valley. Some hay was put up wet because of a summer storms thats keeping the feeder market down.
                          Tons      Price     Wtd Avg           Comments
    Large Square                                                               
      Premium/Supreme   12,500  260.00-260.00  260.00     Organic           
      Good/Premium        1500  150.00-150.00  150.00     Tarped            
      Fair/Good         12,500  180.00-180.00  180.00     Organic           
                          1500  150.00-150.00  150.00     Tarped            

  Wheat Straw                                                               
    Large Square                                                            
      Fair/Good           8250   50.00-50.00    50.00                       

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