Thursday, August 20, 2015

Potato Harvest underway

Boise--The Idaho Potato harvest is underway as farmers dig the first spuds  in parts of Canyon and Ada County. We chatted with Frank Muir of the Idaho Potato Commission. 
So how does it look this year?
"Well, it's hard to say,” said Muir, “Obviously the first digs are just underway and will not be completed for another two months, but it looks like we'll harvest more than 300,000 acres and anticipate it will be in the ballpark of about 13 billion pounds." 
Any idea about how much Farm-gate that'll will bring in?
"It just really depends on what the average price is for the year. In this past year we approached a billion dollars in farm-gate revenue. So it's really hard to say, it depends on what the average price is," said Muir.
"With crop numbers looking strong for the year and most of last years crop now gone, we're trending up and farmers are hopeful that they will be getting top price for their potatoes." 
What impact will drought, heat and irrigation play on crop numbers this fall?
"It'll probably take a little top off this crop,” said Muir. “There were those that were predicting that our crop was going to come in larger than we anticipated even with less acres a couple months ago. And now I think this probably reduced that projection. We're still, the No.1 crop in the state and a world-recognized brand that continues to grow."

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