Thursday, September 17, 2015

Harvesting with Farm Bureau

Corn Seed Harvested in Nampa, Lawmakers get firsthand look
Nampa--Sweet corn seed harvest is going full speed ahead in Nampa. Workers are putting in 12 hour days until the harvest is done. The Idaho Farm Bureau hosted lawmakers at Seminis seed for their annual 'Harvesting with Idaho Farm Bureau' event.

"Our main idea is to invite legislators from urban areas here in the Treasure Valley to come and learn a bit about different aspects of Idaho Agriculture,"said Legislative Affairs Director Russ Hendricks. "This year we're focusing on GMO's, thats a hot topic of discussion lately. We're giving lawmakers a chance to see how these crops are processed and give them a chance to talk to scientists and decide for themselves about GMO crops."

Representative Joe Palmer of Meridian attended the tour, "Ive been on several of these tours and its a great learning experience. These tours remind us not only of Ag operations but all the supplemental industry that agriculture supports, this is the seed capitol of the US, right in our backyard."

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