Friday, October 16, 2015

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Sagebrush Seedlings Packed for Fire Recovery

BOISE, Idaho – The Lucky Peak Nursery has just completed packing more than 400,000 sagebrush seedlings grown on site to send to a burned area in the Twin Falls District of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  

This was accomplished using a 16 person contract crew. It took 3.5 days to pack the seedlings into cardboard boxes. Tomorrow, the BLM will bring two large vans to the nursery and begin the process of hauling the plants to Twin Falls. It will take a total of 6 vans to get them all. 

The order for the sagebrush seedlings was received in January of this year. The Twin Falls District staff collected the seeds (it averages 2,000,000 seeds per pound) and sent them to Lucky Peak Nursery where they were cleaned and put into cold storage until May. At that time, the tiny sagebrush seeds were sown in the greenhouse. They germinated quickly and grew from May until October with regular irrigation, fertilization, and encouragement from the Lucky Peak Nursery staff. 

On Monday, October 19, a contract crew will begin planting the sagebrush seedlings in the Grassy Hills, Shoshone Basin and Clear Creek areas of the Twin Falls District. 

These are areas that have burned in previous years.  With a 12 person planting crew, it will take about 20 days to plant all the seedlings. This fall, government agencies throughout the Western States will begin to submit orders for seedling to plant on this year’s fires.

This year, the nursery has received sowing requests for over 2.8 million sagebrush seedlings for BLM field offices in California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.  

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