Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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Administration support for biotech a victory for consumers and farmers

Washington- The FDA's rejection of petitions to the White House for mandatory labeling of GMOs is "a victory for consumers and farmers alike," according to American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman. 

"This administration has long been a champion for nutrition, and this action recognizes how biotechnology is changing the way we grow food-for the better," Stallman said in a statement. 
"Farmers and ranchers are producing more with fewer resources, without sacrificing nutrition or compromising food quality and safety. The administration sees this, and so does the nation's leading authority on food safety," he continued. 

Earlier this week, FDA also placed its stamp of approval on a genetically engineered animal product, AquAdvantage Salmon. The agency's action "is a milestone for expanding farmers' and ranchers' ability to produce nutritious food critical to a healthy diet," Stallman said. 

In announcing its approval of AquAdvantage Salmon, the agency noted: Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the FDA can only require additional labeling of foods derived from GE sources if there is a material difference - such as a different nutritional profile - between the GE product and its non-GE counterpart. In the case of the AquAdvantage Salmon, the FDA did not find any such differences.   

"Thanks to these decisions, consumers will continue to benefit from access to a variety of nutritious foods in the marketplace," Stallman said. "Consumers have a right to know what's in their food, but they should be given the facts - facts grounded in science. New voluntary guidance on labeling from the FDA will help companies provide more helpful information for those consumers looking to make the best choices for their families."
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