Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Presidents meeting

Summer Presidents Meeting meets in Pocatello

Pocatello--The Idaho Farm Bureau's Annual Summer Presidents meeting is underway in Pocatello. The Farm Bureau leadership group has met every summer since 1939 to discuss issues, markets and organizational housekeeping.

"This is a great opportunity to bring our counties together, talk about issues, build unity to strengthen agriculture and move forward," said IFBF President Bryan Searle of Shelly. "We're happy with the primaries, many of our candidates are on the ballot but doesn't mean they're running unopposed we're not falling asleep. We're gearing up for the general election, Agri-Pac has met again and they're behind our candidates."

Market prices are a big concern this year with flat or below level prices across the board, despite good growing conditions.

"Bean prices overall are down this year," said Magic Valley producer Rick Brune. "Wheat and barley are in a free fall and thats tough, but yields look good."

President Searle says things are not much better in the Idaho Falls area.

"Markets are extremely tough, we're still moving some of last years crop and having a hard time doing it. The market has softened the last two months, it looked like things would change, but we're $3.00 below production costs right now. We're hoping things cleans out before harvest, but the crops look good, Grain prices are at record lows, we're seeing all those issues. Hay prices, well you can't even sell it, if you do because its low."

Market analyst Clark Johnston will address the meeting this morning and address marketing strategies come harvest time.

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