Thursday, September 29, 2016

Canals shut down


Nampa-The Treasure Valley’s largest irrigation district will shut down flows in its 500 miles of canals on October 6 marking the end of another successful irrigation season in which water users received a full supply of irrigation water, water managers with the Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District announced today.

District employees will close the headgates of the Ridenbaugh Canal on the Boise River near Barber Park in early morning of October 6th to let the system slowly bleed down. It could take up to two to three days for the canal system to empty completely in its furthest reaches.

“It was a very successful irrigation season especially considering that water demand started off high because of the warm spring temps we experienced and there has been very little precipitation throughout the growing season.  We will carry over a fair amount of water going into next year but we won’t have an exact amount until the final water accounting process is finished,” said Greg Curtis, NMID Water Superintendent. 

The Nampa & Meridian Board of Directors made the decision to end water deliveries at its last regular board meeting. Last year the NMID system was shut down on October 1.
The canal water cutoff means residential water users using pressurized urban irrigation systems managed by the District will need to switch to another water source such as a municipal system if they want to continue to irrigate lawns and landscaping.

As soon as the canals have drained, NMID work crews will switch to working on several large projects in preparation for the next irrigation season. The rapid building boom in the valley has given the District several opportunities to participate with developers to do upgrades to the canal system. These projects help conserve the valuable resource as well as make the system work better, Curtis explained.

            The Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District is a water storage, conveyance and distribution system founded in 1904.  The District supplies irrigation water to some 69,000 acres of farmland, residential and commercial lands, including pressurized irrigation for nearly 16,000 individual parcels of land in Ada and Canyon counties. More information is available at the District’s website:

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