Thursday, September 1, 2016

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Idaho harvests grind through heat, hope for cool temps today
Boise--Farmers see high and low temperature swings as the harvest season continues.  A low temperature of 33 degrees Fahrenheit was reported in the eastern region and a high temperature of 102 degrees was reported in the southwest region. The statewide temperature differential was reported to be of 1 to 8 degrees above normal.
According to the NASS report, days suitable for fieldwork were 7.0. Topsoil moisture was 24 percent very short, 31 percent short, 41 percent adequate and 4 percent surplus. The subsoil moisture was 17 percent very short, 34 percent short, 46 percent adequate and 3 percent surplus.
Corn is in 95 percent good to excellent condition. Eighty percent of the corn had doughed that week, slightly below last year's pace, and 40 percent has dented, also behind last year's pace.
Harvest is underway for small grains, dry peas and beans, onions, and potatoes. The winter wheat, at 75 percent harvested, was slightly below of the five-year average.
Spring wheat is 60 percent harvested compared to the five-year average of 47 percent. Barley is 64 percent harvested, ahead of the five-year average of 51 percent. Oats are 56 percent is harvested to this point, which is well behind last year's pace of 87 percent.
Dry edible peas are 2 percent harvested with 48 percent of the crop rated in good condition and 52 percent considered fair. Onions are 5 percent harvested and 100 percent are in good condition to this point.
Potatoes are 6 percent harvested and 91 percent in good to excellent condition. Sugarbeets are 95 percent in good to excellent condition. Alfalfa is on its third-cutting with 48 percent cut, which is slightly ahead of the five-year average.
"Harvest is going good and a lot of people are already done," said Baker. "Everything is looking really good. I think a lot of people were short on water this year and had some dry conditions, but as far as yields and stuff, we're a pretty diverse county so we're seeing numbers all over the place. For as short as we were on water, I'd say we're doing pretty well."
Pasture and range conditions were reported to be 5 percent very poor, 22 percent poor, 37percent fair, 32 percent good, and 4 percent excellent.

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