Thursday, December 29, 2016

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Snowpacks above normal

Boise —A parched dry fall sent experts to the record books to see what winter would bring in the Rocky Mountains. 
The series of storms brought above normal snowpack across Idaho and the Intermountain west.
From Denver to Missoula, to Boise, snowfall rebounded to normal levels at Western ski areas and the mountains that feed the Snake River.
And snowpack totals  across most of the region Thursday, especially in Oregon, eastern Nevada and Utah and parts of Idaho stood as high as 176 percent of average.
Pocatello had 15 inces of snow on a rare chrismas eve storm that also dumped as much as 10 inches in Boise, 13 inches in Ketchum and 40 inches at Pebble Creek Ski area in Inkom.
Local 8 news in Pocatello reported that southeastern areas, like Preston, were reported large amounts of snowfall. Preston had between nine and ten inches last Sunday afternoon. 
The Preston area hasn't seen a storm dump that much snow so quickly in a few years, so residents were a little surprised. But because of a blizzard warning in effect for much of southeastern Idaho, people say they weren't traveling if they didn't have to. 
“We walked over to the neighbors and then we came back for our car to drive it over to haul Christmas presents," said Samantha Olsen of Preston. "The snow covered the inside parts of the tires and it is deep and it is a thick snow. We will not drive out in it and I hope that those have to are careful because we’ve heard of a lot of slide-offs. It’s deep and drifted in a lot of areas."
  Most of the Snake River plain are seeing below normal temperatures and thats keeping the snow around and side streets in the capitol city are still clogged with snow.

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