Friday, February 3, 2017

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No surprise, snowpacks above normal

Boise - The Boise Basin snowpack is more than 120 percent of normal according to the latest numbers released by the NRCS.

"It's been weeks since the last major storm but we're back in the wet track now so storms are moving in today, as we see snow falling." said Ron Abramovich, Water Supply Specialist, USDA.

But Northern Idaho’s snowpacks are below average.
"They really need snowpack in Northern Idaho where some sites are pushing record low numbers in the Panhandle at 63 percent of average," said Abramovich.

Southern Idaho snowpacks can be handled by the reservoir system. But this year, there's so much valley snow that Payette and Weiser face serious flooding.

“The snows going to melt fast in Weiser because the town sits at 2,100 feet, Boise is at 2,800 feet. So there's a lot of valley floor in that 2,100 foot elevation zone and when when it warms up it could go fast.”

NRCS scientists like Abramovich hope cold temperatures will transition into a gradual meltoff so valley rivers can handle melting snow. Weiser has more than two feet of snow with a water content of 9 inches.

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