Thursday, March 9, 2017

Safety Awareness Week

‘Get Out of My Space’ Theme Promoted During Agricultural Safety Awareness Program Week

Washington-Farm Bureaus across the nation are recognizing Agricultural Safety Awareness Program Week (March 5-11) by encouraging respect for spaces around farm equipment and tasks.

“Get Out of My Space!” is the theme of the week, noted Kalena Bruce, chair of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee. Grain bins, grain wagons, manure pits, tractor seats and livestock flight zones are all “spaces” on farms and ranches that require caution to avoid injury.

“It’s easy to take these spaces for granted when you work around them every day on the farm and ranch, but it only takes a split-second for disaster to occur,” Bruce said.

Farm Bureau is collaborating with U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers in sharing resources and messages related to the daily themes of the week:

Monday, March 6 - Confined Space
Tuesday, March 7 - Animal Space
Wednesday, March 8 - Equipment Operator Space
Thursday, March 9 - Electrical Space
Friday, March 10 - Driver Space

Visit the centers’ YouTube channel ( for new content and fresh ideas about how to stay safe while working in agriculture, forestry and fishing.

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