Friday, April 7, 2017

Madison County Flood Emergency

Madison County Commissioners take action

REXBURG — The Madison County commissioners signed a resolution earlier this week  declaring a flood emergency throughout the Upper Valley. 
The Madison Fire Department stressed that theres is no immediate threat to life right now but farm land along the Snake river is wet and high water is slowly washing away riverbanks with the first wave of melting snow.
Madison County Farm Bureau President Dwight Little farms outside of Newdale and says while rivers are high the real flooding won't come until it gets warm.
"It's been cold all winter and all spring till now. I've seen the high water but its a drop in the bucket until the first 75-degree day, thats when I'll start worrying," said Little.
Bridge abutments and riverbanks are taking the brunt of the of the high water now and county official fear that there could be continued erosion well into the summer months. 
“Theres always going to be bank erosion but we're more worried about when that water gets up over the banks and into fields. I think its a good move that that the county declared a flood emergency," said MCFB President Little. 
The worst flooding so far is east of Lorenzo Highway near Twin Bridges. Farmers living in the lowlands could be affected later in the spring depending on temperatures, a gradual slow melt off could keep farmers and their fields relatively dry.
"Better safe than sorry, as long as it stays cool we'll be fine," said Little.
According to the Madison County flooding resolution, “if heavy water flows are not managed and erosion and embankments are not immediately repaired, major flooding will continue to occur in Madison County, causing a flooding disaster.”
The disaster declaration is for the next three months, but water experts say with the existing snowpack, Madison Count could see flooding into July.

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