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State Resolution Meeting April 27th.

State Resolutions meeting April 26th, 2016, Putnam photo

State Resolutions Committee meeting Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boise—On Thursday April 27th, Farm Bureau delegates will gather at the Boise Farm Bureau’s Boise office for one of the most important policy meetings of the year, the Idaho Farm Bureau State Resolutions Committee. 

Legislative Affairs Director Russ Hendricks says the annual meeting is one of the purest exercises of grass root politics in Idaho.

 “Thats how our policies are developed,” said Hendricks. “If somebody has a concern or an issue or an obstacle on their operation, they bring it to a county development meeting. From there they discuss the issue and they vote on it. From there as they talk to other farm bureau members in other counties and gain support for their idea, it might get refined in the process but over time these ideas get voted on at the House of Delegates and can make it to the policy book and then we get to work on it at the Capitol.

The Legislative Affairs team lobbies Farm Bureau policy at the Statehouse. Hendricks says they had a successful year defending and promoting IFBF Policy.

“We had a pretty good year, agriculture overall fared well. We didn't get everything we were hoping to accomplish but a number of our priority issues were accomplished and we’re grateful for that,” Hendricks said.

But Hendricks said there were legislative setbacks.

“A couple of the disappointments that we did have, happened in  the Senate. They held bills in their desk drawers without committee hearings. House Bill 270 would have prohibited taxing districts from using taxpayer money to promote their bonds and levy elections. It seemed like a no-brainer, a basic fairness issue, but it didn't get a hearing in the House or Senate. We were real disappointed,” said Hendricks. 

Hendricks expects to see that taxing district bill back at the Statehouse.

“We’ll be in touch with the bills sponsors and encourage them to bring it back next year. We hope that it will be back. It’s a good issue for us because its about fairness and the use of taxpayer money shouldn't be used to promote taxing district's causes,” Hendricks said.

Hendricks says the resolution committee is made up of 10 delegates elected from the counties.

“The resolution committee is made up of two members from each of Idaho’s 5 Districts.  In the counties the delegates are elected by their peers to come and represent them at this Resolution committee. So at this meeting its 10 members plus the State Vice President Mark Trupp who will act as the chairman,” said Hendricks.

Who: Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
What: District Resolution Meeting
Where: Idaho Farm Bureau Building, 500 West Washington, Boise

When Thursday April 27th, 10-AM.

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