Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Beef exports to China

US Resumes Beef Exports to China

Washington— US beef producers will once again ship beef to China, confirmed the USDA Monday afternoon.

After the final details are worked out, China will see the first shipments of US beef in more than 14 years.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo joined Senate colleagues in the Western Caucus in hailing the trade agreement that finally reopened the Chinese market to U.S.-produced beef. Crapo said that China is one of the world’s largest importers for beef.

“The removal of this ban is long overdue. This extended ban on U.S. beef imports was unnecessary and placed American ranchers at a competitive disadvantage. Idaho, as well as ranchers nationwide, will again have access to China’s strong market and growing demand for quality American beef.”

There were deal conditions that exporters must meet. U.S. Department of Agriculture said producers must track the birthplace of all exported cattle and the beef must come from cattle less than 30 months of age. The Chinese are also restricting hormones, specifically promotant ractopamine, found in the drug Optaflexx, made by the Eli Lilly and Co unit Elanco.

Back in 2003 China banned US beef after the Mad Cow disease scare. All attempts by US negotiators to reopen China had failed. But the work by negotiators this year has could step up demand after a tough year for US ranchers.

Washington and Beijing finished the negotiations way ahead of deadlines. This negotiation is part of a bigger trade deal, with the first shipments coming the second week of July.

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