Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2nd Crop of Hay

Idaho Farmers harvest second hay crop

Burley—On scorching hot days, idaho Farmers swath hay across the Snake River plain.

Farmer Rick Pearson out of Hagerman just got his hay in.

"We just got our second crop in, I haven't got the tests back but it looked good," said Pearson.

Rick Brune’s hay out of Hazelton is not dairy grade—but he got good yields.

"It was too hot and we had blooms in it, so it wasn't dairy grade. I'll make more than the first cut, but most of it will go to export," said Brune.

Domestic alfalfa is still firm. Trade is slacking off a bit with moderate demand only for higher testing and export Timothy hay. Mid squares of tarped alfalfa rated premium/supreme going for $150.

The Dairy industry continues to drive the market, here in Idaho even though quality is a bit off, Demand is picking up.

"Its been hot and there just isn't that much dairy-quality hay, Demand is picking up and that'll help us down the road in terms of demand," said Pearson.

The dry, hot weather has hurt and helped the hay market this year but producers think they can keep their hay operations in the black.

For the Voice of Idaho Agriculture, this is Jake Putnam

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